Help > How to get reminded about forgotten devices on logoff or shutdown?

If you forget to take out a device in the computer before you go out the program can remind you about it when you shutdown or log off the system.

In order to enable this feature just go to the Options -> Notifications tab and enable "Notify about connected devices on system exit".

How it works

  1. When you are shutting down the system or logging off Windows the program checks if there are devices connected (only visible on the menu devices count). If there are such ones the program stops Windows shutdown or logoff and the system displays you this message:
  2. If you press Cancel you will see this message from the program:
  3. Success! You have now got a reminder and don't forget your devices in the computer. Then you can do any of the following:
    • If it's OK that devices are connected or you plan to disconnect them after the shutdown just press "Allow shutdown" button in the dialog above and repeat your exit action
    • Disconnect your devices (check they are stopped before to avoid loosing your data) and repeat your system exit action.
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