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Help > How to enter the license key for Zentimo?

Lost your license key, or haven't received it?
Please proceed to the restore license key form.

Check the version!
Before entering the license key please, check you have the latest version installed: Right click to the Zentimo system tray icon, choose "Help" -> About program..." menu item, find the version number here and compare it to the number on our web-site. If you have an earlier version, download the latest one from the program download page
Step 1

Find Zentimo's icon in the system tray and left-click to it (or just hover mouse over the icon for some time).

Run Application
Step 2

In the displayed menu click the "key" (Key Button) button and select the option 'Enter Licence Key' when prompted.

Run Application

Step 3

Copy and Paste your registration code from the license email and press 'OK'.

The license key email should be sent to you immediatelly after you purchased the registration. If you cannot find it in your inbox, check your spam folder, perhaps it got there. If you cannot find it anywhere try using our restore license key form or feel free to contact us.

Copy license key data

Step 4

The program will tell you that everything is OK. If you see an error message feel free to contact us.


Step 5

Go to the 'about' window and check your name

Check your name