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At this page we would like to say thanks to all people who make a contribution to Zentimo.

To translators of the program
Thank a lot to all those translators who actively maintain their language translation! Just because of their efforts you can enjoy the program in your native language.

  • Albanian - Bestar Flamuraj (Bestar27 et gmail tot com)
  • Arabic - Stark ( et gmail tot com)
  • Bosnian - ne.kl (ne.kl et live tot com)
  • Bulgarian - Ing. Georgi Nenov (joronenov et abv tot bg)
  • Catalan - Miquel Roure (miroure et gmail tot com)
  • Chinese Simplified - Bo Zhao (zb0922 et gmail tot com)
  • Chinese Traditional - Jedi Lin (JediLin et gmail tot com)
  • Croatian - Igor Hajek (dadiggi et gmail tot com)
  • Danish - Flemming 'Aeries' Sorvin (flemming et sorvin tot dk)
  • Dutch (Belgium) - Norbert Busselot
  • Dutch (Netherlands) - Edward Seerden
  • French - David Saingery
  • Galician - Jose Rodriguez (peperodriguez et solve360 tot com)
  • Hungarian - Hevesi Janos (hevesi_j et freemail tot hu)
  • German - Thomas Kubein (k91-3et gmx tot de)
  • Greek - Dimitrios Balsamis
  • Hebrew - jinji (thejinji et walla tot com)
  • Indonesian - A. Dibyanugraha (agen47 et gmail tot com)
  • Italian - Luigi Calabrese ( et gmail tot com)
  • Korean - JH, Hyungyu Kim (chelsona et gmail tot com)
  • Latvian - Edmund Lihacev (samurajs.notepad et yahoo tot de)
  • Lithuanian - . Liaugaudas
  • Macedonian - SFC
  • Polish - Maciej Haudek (kontakt et haudek tot com)
  • Romanian - George Capdefier - YO9FAH (yo9fah et yahoo tot com)
  • Serbian (Cyrillic) - Ozzii (ozzii.translateet gmail tot com)
  • Serbian (Latin) - Ozzii (ozzii.translateet gmail tot com)
  • Slovak - iVo (ivo_seki et rocketmail tot com)
  • Slovenian - Andraz Poje aka GodSpeed (andraz.poje et gmail tot com )
  • Swedish - Anders Dahlgren (adahlgren et gmail tot com)
  • Turkish - BouRock (bourock et live tot com)
To other contributors
  • Maciej Haudek (kontakt et haudek tot com) - for help us in testing.
    Maciej, who is a professional beta-tester, regularly finds the most trickiest bugs in the program
Thirdparty components used in the program
We also would like to say thanks to all developers of those great open-source and freeware components we use in the program! * If you want to write to a one of the mentioned above persons please take the string in brackets and replace "et" with "@" and "tot" with "." and you'll get an e-mail
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