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If you are a registered user of Zentimo you may upgrade at no charge to any newer releases within upgrade subscription period of your purchased license. Your license upgrade subscription period is specified in the license key email and on the About dialog (Menu -> Help -> "About Zentimo..."). After your upgrade subscription is expired you can extend your subscription here (that costs a fraction of the initial license price).

In order to upgrade to a newer version just download it from our web-site (see downloads section) and install. You can simply install the newest version over the older one, the installer will do all the upgrade magic for you.

If you need to reinstall Zentimo or Windows and want then to restore your settings read more here.

  • If you lost your license key try to restore it using the restore license form.
  • If for any reason your registration code becomes invalid or you cannot restore it using the restore form just send a message from the support form together with the details of your previous registration. You will receive a new code via e-mail at no charge as soon as we have validated your old registration data.

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