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Справка > Change Device Properties dialog

This dialog lets you change device properties such as name, icon, drive letters, device behavior as well as assign some actions on device connection\stop. The dialog consists from the several tabs.

"Device Info" tab

In this tab you can:
  1. Change the device name
  2. Change the device image
  3. View deice information and speed test details
  4. Run speed test
  5. "Technical information" link displays technical information about the device. Send this information on demand of the technical support of the program in case of any troubles with device functioning in the program.
"Device Management" tab
In this tab you can:
  1. Assign global hotkey to stop the device
  2. Specify whether the device is displayed in the menu
    When this option is set to "Defined by program" state, the program will define automatically whether device is displayed in the menu or not. It does it simply - all devices with drives become displayed, others become hidden.
  3. Specify whether the device is a card reader
    The program gives you additional features for card readers:
    • Ability to eject memory cards one-by-one
    • Hidding of "empty" card reader disks
    In most cases the program defines device type automatically, however sometimes it mistakenly define a card-reader as a pen-drive (or vice versa) thereby not allowing you to use special card reader features. In this case you should set this option for the device manually.
  4. Disable or enable saving Zentimo settings to the external drive
"AutoRun" tab

Lets you assign launching of programs on device connection\stopping. At this tab you can set up automatic launching of programs on next events with the given device:
  1. On device connection
  2. On before device stopping
  3. On after device stopping
  4. On before device removal
Read more on how to set up program autorun here: How to use program autorun?
"Drive Properties" tab

Lets you change a device drive letter, mount a device as a folder as well as edit other drive properties. At this tab you can:
  1. Know number of device storages and what mount points they are connected to
  2. Know volume size and amount of free space
  3. Change the volume label
  4. Change the drive letter
  5. Mount the storage as a folder of a fixed drive
  6. Open the drive in Explorer
  7. Fix a drive letter for the given drive
Read more on drive letter management here: How to manage drive letters?