Zentimo & USB Safely Remove features

While USB Safely Remove is an elegant and lightweight tool for safe hardware removal without hassles, Zentimo is a more powerful solution aimed for those who work with USB and SATA drives actively and need more control over their external drives.
Features USB Safely Remove Zentimo
Handy menu to control devices
One click safe device removal
Return stopped device back
Display processes preventing device from being stopped
Forced device stopping
Support of USB, SATA, Firewire devices
Stopping via "disabling" for SATA drives that do not support native safe removal
Keyboard shortcuts for stopping\returning
Program autorun on device insertion\stopping
Console command line tool
Ejecting card reader memory cards
Automatic hiding drives of empty card reader slots
Fixing a drive letter to a specific device
Preventing assigning of specific drive letters to hot-plug devices
Power off drives on stopping (for Vista & Win7)
Portable application quick launch menu
Honest drive speed test
Disabling of native Windows autorun
Portable settings for storage devices
Strong TrueCrypt integration

Portable application quick launch menu

It's a pop-up menu available with just a click where you can add programs from your drive and run them with one or two clicks.

Honest drive speed test

Most other drive speed testers measure only the read\write speed of large files, displaying a theoretical drive speed. This is not related to real-life speed as we often write plenty of small files to external drives.

Our investigations show that some flash drives have worse performance than others when writing small files even though their top performance at writing large files is the same. Therefore we added a performance measurement tool to Zentimo that displays the real performance of your drive.

Zentimo measures the file read\write speeds of 3 different file sizes: small files (32 KB), medium files (3 MB) and large files (100 MB) and displays all those measurements as well as an average. The average speed calculated by Zentimo reflects your drives real performance more accurately than characteristics from the vendor's specification.

Portable device settings

You can set up your device name, image or app quick launch list once and these settings will be available on the other computers where Zentimo is installed

Disabling of Windows Autorun & Autoplay

One of the most requested features for Zentimo was an ability to fight with Autorun viruses. We do not want to compete with antivirus software so we decided to add a dumb but a hundred-percent guaranteed way to get rid of autorun viruses on your computer: option to fully disable native Windows autorun & autoplay features.  Autorun viruses infect your computer through windows autorun & autoplay so by disabling them fully the autorun viruses just won't run.
You can disable Windows autorun & autoplay through the Local or Global Autorun settings. See the following articles to read more about native Windows Autorun & Autoplay:

Strong TrueCrypt integration

Your TrueCrypt containers that are stored on external drives can be handled like a part of device: you can see them on the device menu, they can be automatically mounted\dismounted on device connection\disconnection and even if a program prevents TrueCrypt volume from being stopped Zentimo allows you to see and unlock such programs.

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