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Help > How to manage TrueCrypt? (TrueCrypt integration)

TrueCrypt integration feature allows you to control mounted volume from the  device menu, automatically mount\dismount volume on device insertion\stopping, see for processes preventing the volume from being dismounted and etc, in short you can operate your TrueCrypt drive located on external device as if this drive is a partition of the external drive.

How to add TrueCrypt volume to Zentimo, step by step manual:

  1. Right click the "Menu" button and choose "Device Properties"
  2. Switch to the "TrueCrypt management" tab:
  3. Specify (1) path to TrueCrypt executable file, (2) path to TrueCrypt container on your external drive or choose a partition where it resides in case if a whole volume is encrypted and choose (3) the drive letter that your TrueCrypt volume should be mounted to. Also you can add additional TrueCrypt command line parameters to the correspondent fields, they will be passed whenever TrueCrypt command line is called.
    After you setup all the TrueCrypt volume parameters click the "Create virtual volume" button.
  4. When you specified all TrueCrypt volume data and pressed the button "Create virtual volume" you will see that your new TrueCrypt volume is added to the virtual volume list:
    Pay your attention that the drive letter I: in the TrueCrypt volume path was automatically substituted with "%Partition1%" variable after you created the virtual volume. The program will replace this variable with the actual drive letter on mounting the volume. This is required because the drive letter of the external device can be changed by Windows or you.
    The same substitution is used when you use the portable TrueCrypt executale located on the drive. Its drive letter will also be replaced with a special variable and then the program will call TrueCrypt even if you connect it on another computer where the drive has a different letter.
    If you have other  TrueCrypt volume as a container or whole drive partition you can click on "Create new virtual volume" item in the volume list and repeat operations described above.
  5. Click the "OK" button to save the settings and then press "Yes" in the further dialog to mount the TrueCrypt volume right now:
  6. If you press "Yes", you will see the TrueCrypt password prompt window. Enter the password of your TrueCrypt volume:
  7. That's all. Now you can get all benefits working with TrueCrypt easily. See below how to use this feature.

Work with TrueCrypt virtual volumes

  1. After the creation of the new virtual TrueCrypt volume and every time you insert your removable drive to the computer Zentimo will automatically mount the volume and display password prompt for mounting the volume. After you entered the password your new TrueCrypt volume will be mounted and displayed in the quick-menu as a usual device drive. Then you can carry out almost the same actions with this drive in the device menu as with the usual media (card reader card):
    • Dismount the TrueCrypt volume (even if there are some processes locking the volume the program shows them and allows to detach)
    • Launch portable applications located on the TrueCrypt volume;
    • Browse TrueCrypt volume in your favorite file manager.
  2. When you are trying to stop the whole device all the mounted TrueCrypt volumes will be dismounted automatically. You can also dismount a volume by clicking on "Dismount TrueCrypt volume" button in the quick-menu.
  3. Before device stopping the program tries to dismount TrueCrypt volume (of course if you setup it in the program for this device) and if some processes prevented it from being dismounted the program shows them in the "Cannot stop device" window. Then you can either close applications that are locking your volume and click to "Stop Again" button or just do one click to "Forced Stop" button and the program will try to close the listed processes or just their files automatically and dismount your volume immediately and then stop the whole device.